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Overnight Stay Plan

"Iwakuni unique" Seasonal cuisine meals

Cooking is Iwakuni / Sanin, a cuisine cuisine sticking to seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy local food such as "Iwakuni Sushi" and "Ohira (Ohira)" and enjoy local ingredients such as Takamori Beef.
  • 【Most popular with us! 】Takamori Beef of abalone shabu-shabu, Mebaru (Black Rockfish) boiled plan

    Grilled awesome butter (1 for each person!), Local brand beef "Takamori Beef" shabu-shabu pan,
    It is the most popular plan of the hotel which you can taste plenty of main dishes of boiled white fish "Mebaru (Black Rockfish)" with elegant taste!
  • Popularity No. 2【Cooking importance】Choshudori Chicken, Sweet Bream, Wagyu Beef Steak! The best cookery dish plan!

    Choshudori Chicken Yamaguchi Prefecture, Sweet bream's Wakasa grill, And Wagyu beef steak!
    You can eat lavishly selected ingredients.
    Of course it is a very satisfying superb Iwakuni Sushi Iwakuni Local Cuisine where Iwakuni Local Cuisine"Ohira" and "Iwakuni Sushi" can also be tasted.
  • Popularity No. 3 "little luxury" with a crab appliance! Abalone, Takamori Beef, Mebaru (Black Rockfish) cuisine cooking plan!

    The hotel No. 1 popular "abalone butter grilled, Takamori Beef of shabu-shabu, boiled Mebaru (Black Rockfish) in addition to the
    Dashi is delicious "Kabe no Ichiban" and "Red oka" "Soba" is also attached, the upgraded kaiseki cuisine.
    I want to make a cup of cooking a little! Recommended for such customers!
  • Popularity No. 4【If you get lost】 Taste the seasonal dishes! Standard Kaiseki Cooking plan!

    Iwakuni's local cuisine "Iwakuni Sushi" and "Ohira", we will prepare a special meal of "Chief Chef Random" using seasonal ingredients that match the season.
    plan choose plan, this plan is recommended!
  • 【We have also undergone a school trip】Students·Accommodation menu

    We are also accepting accommodations such as "school trip" by elementary, junior high school and various schools.Please do not hesitate to contact us. ※ I will remove the day before the holiday
    【Dinner menu】 Pickled fish in Nambucana, Consomme tailoring soup, hamburger, Pork cutlet, Halumaki, Deep-fried chicken meat, French fries, Savory egg custard, White rice, Pudding, fruits
    【Breakfast menu】 Hijiki, Tamagoyaki, Wiener, Salmon grilled salmon, Cold and brute, Miso soup, White rice, Seasoned paste