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Overnight Stay Plan

"Iwakuni Naradewa" Seasonal cuisine meals

The cuisine is a multi-course meal featuring seasonal ingredients from Iwakuni, Sanyo and Setouchi.
Enjoy local ingredients such as local cuisine such as “Iwakuni Sushi” and “Ohira”.

Dinner "Children's party meal" ... It will be 70% of the adult's room charge

  • "Children's party meal" ... For primary school students to sixth graders

    【Contents of dish】
    ·small bowl
    ·Sashimi four point prime
    ·shrimp·White meat·Two kinds of vegetables, tempura
    ·Aging meat steak
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·White rice
    ·Tide tailoring of fillets

Dinner "Kids Meal" ... It will be 50% of the adult's room charge

  • "Kids meal" ... It is targeted for infants less than elementary school

    【Contents of dish】
    ·Potato fries
    ·Shrimp fly
    ·Sausage with bone
    ·Torinoda fried chicken
    ·Thinly made
    ·Rice ball