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Overnight Stay Plan

"Iwakuni Naradewa" Seasonal cuisine meals

Cooking is Iwakuni / Sanin, a cuisine cuisine sticking to seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy local food such as "Iwakuni Sushi" and "Ohira" and enjoy local ingredients such as Takamori Beef.
  • 【Most popular with us! 】Takamori Beef shabu of abalone Takamori Beef shabu, Mebaru (Black Rockfish) boiled plan

    Shabu-shabu pot of local brand beef "Takamori Beef", "Awabi" butter baked (one for each person!) Mebaru (Black Rockfish), plan!
  • Popularity No. 2【Cooking importance】Choshudori Chicken, Sweet Bream, Wagyu Beef Steak! The best cookery dish plan!

    Choshudori Chicken Yamaguchi Prefecture, Grilled sweet sea bream wakasa-style, And Wagyu beef steak!
    You can eat lavishly selected ingredients.
    Of course it is a very satisfying superb Iwakuni Sushi Iwakuni Local Cuisine where Iwakuni Local Cuisine"Ohira" and "Iwakuni Sushi" can also be tasted.
  • Popularity No. 3 "little luxury" with a crab appliance! Abalone, Takamori Beef, Mebaru (Black Rockfish) cuisine cooking plan!

    The hotel No. 1 popular "abalone butter grilled, Takamori Beef's shabu-shabu, boiled Mebaru (Black Rockfish) in addition to the
    Dashi is delicious "Kabe no Ichiban" and "Red oka" "Soba" is also attached, the upgraded kaiseki cuisine.
    I want to make a cup of cooking a little! Recommended for such customers!
  • Popularity No. 4【If you get lost】 Taste the seasonal dishes! Standard Kaiseki Cooking plan!

    Iwakuni's local cuisine "Iwakuni Sushi" and "Ohira", we will prepare a cuisine Chef's Recommendation"Chef's Recommendation Manor Chef's Recommendation" using seasonal ingredients that match the season.
    plan choose plan, this plan is recommended!
  • 【We have also undergone a school trip】Students·Accommodation menu

    We are also accepting accommodations such as "school trip" by elementary, junior high school and various schools.Please do not hesitate to contact us. ※ I will remove the day before the holiday
    【Dinner menu】 Pickled fish in Nambucana, Consomme tailoring soup, hamburger, Pork cutlet, Halumaki, Deep-fried chicken meat, French fries, Savory egg custard, White rice, Pudding, fruits
    【Breakfast menu】 Hijiki, Tamagoyaki, Wiener, Salmon grilled salmon, Cold and brute, Miso soup, White rice, Seasoned paste