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Overnight Stay Plan

"Iwakuni Naradewa" Seasonal cuisine meals

The cuisine is a multi-course meal featuring seasonal ingredients from Iwakuni, Sanyo and Setouchi.
Enjoy local ingredients such as local cuisine such as “Iwakuni Sushi” and “Ohira”.
  • 【Quality over Quantity】A little extravagant "Takamori Beef·Live car shrimp·"Frozen figure"plan!

    "Japanese-style kaiseki cuisine" where the chief chef's skill shines,
    A luxurious and affordable cooking plan where you can enjoy fresh and high-class ingredients `` Three Great Delicious ''

    ■Three great miso kaiseki dishes■
    ·Cold shabu salad of local brand beef "Takamori Beef"
    ·The making of fresh live car shrimp
    ·Enjoy with eyes and tongue! The appearance of high-class food "Awabi"
  • 【Most popular with us! 】Abalone &Takamori Beef shabu Pot &Mebaru (Black Rockfish) plan

  • 【Here if you get lost! 】Various kaiseki cuisine for each season-Chief chef specialties "Recommended Kaiseki Cuisine"

    ○Point of plan
    I want to taste a lot of delicious things on the road!
    We will prepare seasonal Setouchi seasonal food carefully selected by our chief chef.
  • Standard Kaiseki Meal Plan

  • 【School excursions are also available】Student / Accommodation menu

    We are also accepting accommodations such as "school trip" by elementary, junior high school and various schools.Please do not hesitate to contact us. ※ I will remove the day before the holiday
  • 【Sports groups are also available. 】Dinner menu

    This facility also accepts overnight stays such as tournaments and games and training camps.
    There are facilities such as “Ehime Sports Complex” and “General Gymnasium” nearby.

Dinner "Children's party meal" ... It will be 70% of the adult's room charge

  • "Children's party meal" ... For primary school students to sixth graders

    【Contents of dish】
    ·small bowl
    ·Sashimi four point prime
    ·shrimp·White meat·Two kinds of vegetables, tempura
    ·Aging meat steak
    ·Savory egg custard
    ·White rice
    ·Tide tailoring of fillets

Dinner "Kids Meal" ... It will be 50% of the adult's room charge

  • "Kids meal" ... It is targeted for infants less than elementary school

    【Contents of dish】
    ·Potato fries
    ·Shrimp fly
    ·Sausage with bone
    ·Torinoda fried chicken
    ·Thinly made
    ·Rice ball