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【Good location about 3 minutes walk to Kintai Bridge! 】There are many popular sightseeing spots around the hotel, such as Iwakuni Castle, Iwakuni Castle Ropeway, Kikko Park, and White Snake House!

【To our guests】
At this facility, you can use "GoTo Travel Campaign," "Regional Coupon," and "Yamaguchi Premium Accommodation Voucher."

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【To local customers]We accept various dinners such as celebrations and memorial services.

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Hotel Name

Kaikatei(Iwakuni Kokusai Kanko Hotel Annex)


1-3-9 Yokoyama, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 741-0081

Telephone number

0827-41-1000 (FAX 0827-41-1035)
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  • 【Dinner additional menu】Sweet and spicy simmered sea bream!

    ●We will offer it in exchange for a 1,000 yen local coupon.
  • 【Dinner additional menu】Seasonal tempura platter!

    ●We will offer it in exchange for a 1,000 yen local coupon.
  • 【Check-out day lunch only】Nigiri sushi and tempura set meal!

    ●We will offer it in exchange for a local coupon of 2,000 yen.

Stay at this facility and take a walk through the elegant bridge and historic townscape.

  • Popular tourist attractions around

    ● Kintai Bridge... About 3 minutes on foot
    ● Kikko Park... About 5 minutes on foot

    ● Momijidani Park... About 7 minutes on foot(550 m)
    ● Kikkawa Historical Museum... Approximately 8 minutes on foot(650 m)
    ● Iwakuni Shirohebi Museum... Approximately 10 minutes on foot(750 m)
    ● Iwakuni Castle Ropeway foot of mountain station... Approximately 10 minutes on foot(800 m)
    ● Iwakuni Art Museum ... Approximately 10 minutes on foot(800 m)

    ● The Birthplace of Chiyo Uno... About 14 minutes on foot(1.1 km)
    It is a great location for Iwakuni sightseeing.
  • Kikko Park

    The castle town, including the place where the former Iwakuni lord Yoshikawa's residence was located, is maintained as a park.Near the park are Momijidani Park, Yoshikawa Museum, Iwakuni Shirohebi Museum, Iwakuni Castle Ropeway foot of mountain station, and Iwakuni Art Museum.
  • Iwakuni Castle Ropeway

    Kikko Park the ropeway that goes back and forth between Kikko Park and the summit of Mt. Shiroyama, you can enjoy a stunning view of the Kintai Bridge and the Nishikigawa River River below and enjoy a three-minute air walk.Iwakuni Castle is a 5-minute walk from Summit Station.

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